The Compact


This is the most exciting development in horse transport in recent times. Considered to be much safer than towing a big float, extremely easy to drive with all the features of a modern luxury car and legally able to be driven with a normal car licence. The base vehicle is a FIAT Ducato, just like about 75% of all motor homes on our roads. The latest model has a Euro 6 diesel engine which produces 180 HP. It has an automatic gearbox, cruise control, air con, Bluetooth, sat nav, etc etc


Horse Accommodation

The Compact can carry two very large horses facing towards the back. There is the choice of three standard configurations : the ‘Basic’ which is much like a horse float with chest bars and centre divider, The ‘Stall’ which has a full height partition between horses and no chest bars and the ability to open up the whole area just like a stall, and the ‘Sport’ which has a feeding bench across the front of the horses and a centre divider. In each case the horse area is identical in size : 2.8 m long, 2.0 m wide and 2.4 m high. Ventilation and climate control is a feature with four opening windows, two huge roof vents and two electric exhaust fans. A temperature readout in the drivers’ cabin can guide adjustments for the comfort of the horses.

Compact L

Storage and Human Accommodation

Again, there is the choice of three standard versions but much is up to the individual requirements.

The ‘Basic’ simply has fittings for saddles, bridles, etc and a cupboard with shelves for other gear.

The ‘Tour’ has an extended driver cabin which features an extra two seats and a cupboard with space for a fridge a microwave and also clothing. A small ladder leads up to the luton peak which is fitted with a mattress. At the back of the truck there is still an area for gear storage.

The ‘Living’ features a mini kitchen, shower and a bed.

To illustrate all this simply download the catalogue for the Compact. The model we currently prefer is the L+ chassis. This is the longest available. And it is legally able to tow up to 2.1 t

Compact L Plus