We pride ourselves in our customer service and client satisfaction, below are just some of our satisfied clients.

Bob Peters


We purchased our Boeckmann Compact in March not really knowing how much we would use it compared to our previous 9 horse truck which we
had sold.
We have been very impressed with its quality, durability and performance and we are using it much more than the previous truck for all different
uses, including moving stock around our property because all of our staff can drive it on a car licence.
Everyone who drives the Boeckmann is very impressed with the comfort and maneuverability. It is extremely practical, with the attention to detail
that we have come to expect from German made products.
We highly recommend the Boeckmann Compact Truck.

R J Peters
Managing Director

Debbie Warne

I purchased my Bockman 2 horse Compact truck from Manfred in 2016. And I just love it.The best thing for me is the ease and safety with loading and unloading. I am on my own a lot and teaching young horses to load is so easy as there is so much space to operate in and at no stage are you behind them and in a dangerous position. You just walk them up and turn and then swing the partition over. And unloading is just so much safer with an impatient youngster.
When I think of all the dangerous years I spent getting behind the horses when loading and unloading from floats it makes me so appreciate this truck.
My imported Lusitano was quite traumatised by travelling when he arrived in Australia, but thanks to him travelling backwards in the truck and having lots of space and great ventilation and no big window to see things flash past, he has become quite relaxed.
Many knowledgeable people have commented on the strength and workmanship of the truck’s build and then say “ Oh yes well it’s German !”
It is so easy to drive and park with its small turning circle. It also means I can have a small economical car for everyday use.
Fuel efficiency is a huge factor as I use half the amount of fuel that I used to in the large float towing vehicle I had before.
I also love the extractor fans as I did not like the idea of the fumes that floats create.
I would highly recommend one of these trucks for safety, ease of use, economy, horse comfort and build detail and strength.

Debbie Warne.