More than you expect: with their experience of more than 50 years in the equestrian world, Böckmann have developed numerous unique solutions.


“You have to put your heart into the business to be successful in the long run.” This is the philosophy that Anton Böckmann taught his four sons at an early age. As the village blacksmith he lived and maintained the good, old craft tradition – and family life. His four sons Gilbert, Tönne, Klaus and Roger still remember this well to this day, particularly the Sundays, which were always dedicated to the family. These days had a recurring ritual: After church, father Anton Böckmann put his children on the family’s own ponies


Innovation as a (family) tradition: The trailers have been improved all the time because the family use their trailers themselves. This is how Böckmann became the market leader for horse trailers – and one of the leading European trailer brands. All these developments have one thing in common: a product needs to be good enough to meet the requirements of the family and their horses before it enters serial production. Thus, Böckmann have exactly the same aim as the rest of the riding community: the well-being of the horse!


The four sons didn’t just inherit their father’s passion for horses. They also continued to run the company successfully. Today, the Böckmann Group employs more than 400 people. To this day the vehicle factory has produced more than 500000 trailers – and delivered them to customers worldwide. Klaus and Roger Böckmann are the men behind this success. But the other brothers are just as diligent: Tönne and Gilbert have focused on horse breeding and their training and competition yard